Glenda and Robyn's web site: Camp Sites

Choosing a Camp site:

Due to our limited budget, we need to try and find free camp sites as often as possible.

The best resource we have found is the 'Camps Australia Wide' 6th edition. (see their Web Site)
Please Note - we receive no sponsorship from Camps Australia but welcome any interest.

The places we stay range from commercial Caravan and Camping Parks, to free roadside stop over areas. The cost of commercial parks has ranged from $10 per night to $35 per night.

Sometimes it is possible to have a camp fire, but only where there are fire pits already in place. Sometimes there are public conveniences but often toilets only, with no showers. This is OK for us, as Patsy has a shower and toilet. The benefit of commercial camp sites is the ready access to water, usually a dump point, and a powered site. They are also usually much 'prettier' than some of the free camp areas.

Usually it is very clear when you are not allowed to stay overnight in various areas. We see some interesting signs warnings regarding this. A few are shown to the right of this page.

The important thing is that you need to feel comfortable when you pull up in a possible camp site. If we don't feel comfortable we don't stay. It is gut intuition.

'gut intuition'