Glenda and Robyn's web site: Lessons Learnt along the way

Lessons learnt to date.
Following are just a few of the things we are learning along the way.
They may be helpful to others, or maybe everyone else knew these things already?

How to remove a bug from your ear:
If you get a bug in your ear. My sympathies. Try putting a light just near it, if this fails, pour some kitchen oil into the ear. The bug will float out. Believe me. Such relief.

How not to drive on narrow mountain roads.
Always be ready to stop and reverse - especially at hair pin bends where oncoming semitrailers come hurtling toward you and need the entire width of the road to get around the corner.

Always open overhead cupboards with the loo seat DOWN.
Airline warnings about overhead cupboards should be taken seriously. Things do shift while travelling. Fishing your partners favorite skin care lotion out of the toilet cassette is a nasty experience.

Take care when parking your bike.
If there appears nowhere to park your bike, it probably means, don't park it. Especially when visiting places of National significance such as the War Memorial in Canberra.

Dealing with the heat.
We agreed that if the temperature goes over 35°c, then it is fair enough to pay for a powered campsite so we can use the air conditioning. Since this agreement the temp. reached 33°c in Ariah Park and we now wish to amend the rule to 32°c (subject to change).

Storing Food.
All food needs to be stored in sealed containers. Little creatures are very tempted by chips, biscuits, cereals etc. and can easily nibble through the packets.

Future Lesson 1.
There will be more, neither of us know everything, yet.

Future Lesson 2.
Any clues?