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The following slideshow is of some of our adventures (up to 22/11/13) in North West Tasmania where we arrived on 30/8/13:

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Railway Stations across Australia
A conglomeration of photos taken of railway stations. We have found that a lot of smaller towns have disused railway stations which have been renovated into beautiful buildings. Other towns have railway stations still operational but unfortunately, not as well maintained.

Christmas Window Displays taken in Ariah Park Christmas 2011
We visited the town of Ariah Park early January 2011 and stayed a few days camped at the sports ground camping grounds. Walking around the town, visiting the swimming pool (the days were very hot) and noticing how the locals were interacting, all indicated how the community worked well together. The Christmas Window displays were a wonderful example of the community spirit. All shopfronts, whether used or disused were decorated in some way with an historical or Christmas theme. Unfortunately as extremely amatuer photographers we were not able to do justice to the displays particularly taking the photos through the glass of the windows with the sun streaming down.

Sunsets across Australia
As 'campers', we tend to be outside a lot more than when we were living in Brisbane and therefore get to see some brilliant sunsets. Occasionally we see some sunrises too, but getting out of bed to take a photo is extremely difficult, although it might happen one day.

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