Glenda and Robyn's web site: Stuff about us - who are we, Glenda, Robyn and Patsy?
In Summary:
We have made a major life change, sold up everything and are travelling around Australia in our motorhome.
So now, we have no need to stay indoors, and are happy to be outside, everyday.
For a blow by blow account visit our Blog by clicking the link to our Blog Page.
The trip commenced 17 October 2011 and is continuing.

Enjoying the freedom of no work and all play.
We have set up this web and blog to keep our family and friends up to date on our travel adventure.

Photo of Glenda returning from a swim GLENDA - I worked in accounting holding various positions over the years, finally realising it is indeed a boring field of work.
I prefer not to eat animal products. I'm quiet, and a bit nerdy (hence this web page).
I don't enjoy driving as much as Robyn and view it more of a means of getting to the next location.
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Photo of Robyn sitting beside Patsy ROBYN - I used to love working, but one day I suddenly realised I didn't like it anymore. So I quietly walked out the door. My profession was project management and it's hard not to be a project manager when it comes to the most ordinary events. Life is a project and I'm managing it.
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Photo of Patsy after a clean PATSY - Fiat Ducato Maxi 2009, 4 cylinder, automatic but with manual override, powered by diesel. Winnebago 'Birdsville' fitout. We chose Patsy mainly because it has a large shower and separate toilet space. Patsy is 7.1 metres long (23 foot) and 3.1 metres high.
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