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5/8/13 Stumped - at the Block

Trevor has finished the rack for the scooter. It is a great addition to our home. He has managed to get the scooter to fit, and the chainsaw, petrol tin, and associated other stuff, and the spare gas bottle, and the shovel. There is also room for the mat, or other things we might want to add along the way.

Scooter carry rack without scooter Robyn attaching the spare gas bottle

Once the rack was complete, we headed back out to the block here near Murchison and Rushworth. We're on a mission now, to complete the clearing of the front paddock. After becoming bogged in the grass at the lower end of the block we decided to camp up on the hill where the earth is compacted. Following is a view from camp site at the block 'top of the hill':

view from camp site at the block - top of the hill

The clearing work involves cutting down all the new growth that has overtaken the land since the breaking of the drought. The photo shows an example:

marked out zone for clearing  making a third of 40 acres achievable

We are marking out strips of 10 paces to work on each session. No-one is allowed out of the marked zone, thus keeping full focus on an area at a time. Otherwise the prospect of clearing about 13 acres of land would be overwhelming. The following photo shows the result after a clearing session:


A bonus in camping 'on the hill' has been to be able to use a nuisance stump as a back log for our fire. This is a great way to get rid of the unwanted dead stump.

THE STUMP  on the way out the stump in flames we are enjoying the warmth

Denise and Trevor come out when they can and help with the clearing. It makes a huge difference in progress when there are four of us out there.

 Robyn and Trevor hard at work in the zone

Robyns just loving being a lumberjack. I just wish she didn't keep singing that song though.

  Robyn taking down a tree or two   This is how its done

Trevor and Robyn do the chainsaw work while Denise and I do the picking up and clearing of the small weeds. (I have a very sore left elbow at the moment and can't hold the chainsaw unfortunately.)

  THE general view of workers clearing the land

All the large piles of cuttings will have to be burnt off once they have dried out. We did experimental burns of a few piles even though they are a little too green for burning just yet:

 pile burning

It's Monday 5/8/13 as I write this update. Robyn has just come running in, very excited as she received a text from Trevor about a trip to Baccus Marsh tomorrow.

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