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7/9/2013 Crossing the Tasman

The previous blog entries have all disappeared into a big black internet hole. I am not able to fix the problem, nor are the support people at UberGlobal our site hosts.

So that's that then. I might think up a new way of doing it, but most likely not worry about doing a blog any more. We'll send out emails, use Facebook, the phone, snail mail, or something to keep you informed on where we are.

So following is the (most likely) final blog:

We left the 'Block' on the 19-8-13 having finished clearing the front paddock. It was sad to leave and we felt we were leaving home.

It was then back to free camping for one night at Major Creek Reserve which is the opposite Puckapunyal Military Area near Seymour Victoria.

Photo of a Rickety Bridge at Major Creek Reserve:

Narrow Bridge

Then onto Ballarat where we lived it up in a Caravan Park for a couple of nights. On the way we squeezed through the following historic and narrow bridge:

Historic Old Bridge

We visited Sovereign Hill Historic precinct where they have a recreated township from the Goldfield days (1851). It was onto Geelong and visiting my sister and her family, and my Mum for about a week, again enjoying the luxury of a Caravan Park in Belmont Geelong. On the 29th August we drove to Melbourne and boarded the Spirit of Tasmania which whisked us away from the mainland and deposited us in Devonport, Tasmania the next day.

The Spirit of Tasmania

Driving onto the Spirit of Tasmania:

Driving onto the Spirit of Tasmania

We headed straight to Sulphur Creek (near Burnie) and camped in my brother and sister-in-laws driveway where are are now. We helped put up a new garden shed.

Following is a BEFORE photo:

Before the new Shed

The ride on mower would soon have a new garage. The blue tarp wasn't going to see out another winter.

The building site:

building it in the rain

Note the way Tasmanians are able to work in the rain:

again - photo building in the rain

My brother Russell installs the final piece of shed: Russell installing the final piece of the shed

Following is the AFTER photo: Photo - After

After the first day there (also garden shed day) the weather became sunny and very pleasant. We have ridden the scooter around, Julie drove us to Guide Falls to see a beautiful picnic spot and falls. It still surprises us to see so much water after having travelled around Australia and across the Nullabor where water was a precious luxury.

Photos of Guide Falls:

Guide Falls Guide Falls Guide Falls Guide Falls

We'll be heading off exploring more beautiful areas of Tasmania in a few days. The main report is that the weather has been great. (Only a little bit of rain).

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