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21/9/2013 Sulpher Creek to Black River

We picked up many more skills at Sulphur Creek. Here is Robyn doing a scrap of concreting:

Robyn doing some concreting

While we were there we were able to help Julie and Russell with the shed building, some tree clearing, building the concrete path, and removing loose nails from the roof (slack builders had left them up there).

We have left Sulpher Creek a few days ago, and are now camped at Black River Campground. We stopped at Wynyard on the way through and had a nice enough stay at the Showgrounds.

Wynyard showgrounds - before the move

We had settled into our camp site, set everything up when a small car drove in. The occupants stopped outside and a little old lady stepped out of the car and knocked on our door. Robyn went out and found that the little old lady was the local showgrounds 'caretaker', probably self appointed. They asked us to move the van away from the buildings, and not near the other rubbish bin, and not near the chained off fencing. But you can park on the grass area if you like. We chose not to, as the council sign clearly said 'NO CAMPING ON THE GRASSED AREAS.' They left on our assurance that we would move. Which we did, accompanied by a little whinging and whining at the injustice of it all. We have definately become grey nomads!

On the way here, we enjoyed the views from Fossil Bluff which is just near Wynyard:
View from Fossil Bluff

From the lookout (a bit of a climb but well worth the effort):
View from Fossil Bluff Lookout

Robyn looking cute while resting on the bench at the top of the lookout: Robyn at Fossil Bluff Lookout

The rocky Cape NP has no camping, but we went in there for a picnic lunch and to view the rock formations, caves and lighthouse.

Patsy in a tight squeeze at Rocky Cape NP

We found there was very little parking, expecially if you have low clearance.

When we arrived here at Black River Campground, we found that the sites were mostly flooded, and with very poor access for large vehicles. We would have been bogged if we went into any of the camp sites so chose to park in the day use area. Photo of one of the camp sites: Flooded camp site at Black River

The ranger came to collect fees ($13 per night) and gave the OK for us to park in the day use area.

photo of the Black River showing Stanleys Nut in the distance. View across Black River to Stanleys Nut

Photo of Black River with the tide starting to come in, and some dark clouds bringing rain.

Black River and dark clouds

Photo of Black River with the tide now in:

Black River when tide is in

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