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23/9/2013 Stanley, beautiful one day, wild and windy the next

We camped behind the sand dunes at Godfreys Beach:

Photo of view from Godfreys Beach

As we arrived in Stanley we noticed a group of motorhomes camped at the Rec Grounds, where we thought the free camping area must be, and headed straight there. We approached some of the people and they told us we were three days late for the CMCA rally. Rallys are 'get togethers' of caravan and motorhome travellers. CMCA is the Caravan and Motorhome Club of Australia of which we are members.

We haven't been to a rally yet.

The people at Stanley were very friendly and told us about an upcoming rally to be held at Wynyard Showgrounds. We might just make it to that one which will be later in October. They also told us about the actual free camping option which was in a different area to where they were holding the Stanley Rally (which we missed by three days).

When we looked at this camping option we didn't like it as it was too small and already two other campers were settled in there.

Next stop was the the Stanley Information Service which proved to be very helpful with staff telling us about another free camping option along the sand dunes where we are now.

It was a lovely day weather wise yesterday, we got the scooter off the rack and went for a ride around town, up to the lookout and then got takeaway fish and chips and were back at the motorhome only a few minutes after it started to rain slightly..

During the night the wind started and hasn't stopped. A bit too windy today for doing anything outside. Although we have seen a few people out walking along the beach!

You might be able to see the difference in the surf of the following photo taken today:

Photo of view from Godfreys Beach

Oh, big news, I managed to jog/walk 8.3 klm yesterday. It was really difficult especially because Stanley is a small town and it was less than 5klm into the town and out to the pier, far too easy to just slip back home before completing the goal of 10klm.

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