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25/10/13 Tassie update from Robyn

We left Stanley and the wind, headed west and camped for a few days at Montagu Bay, near Smithton then on to Green Point, near Marrawah on the west coast. Took a day trip down to the mouth of the Arthur River to have a look around. Went to the Edge of the World.

Photo of ocean at the Edge of the World

Then went back up and over and up into the hills and camped upstream beside the Arthur River and waterfall.
We sat out the hurricane at the beginning of October at Smithton (which we seem to be quite fond of). Glenda is planning to put a new snippets feature on the web page which I'm sure you'll all find very interesting. Did you know Hannah Gadsby is from Smithton?

The Burnie Show Holiday was on Friday 4th October so Russell and Julie decided to spend the long weekend in the Stanley Caravan Park and we joined them. I took the opportunity to go up the Nut on the chairlift with their daughter Tenille. Both Russell and Glenda were petrified at the mere sight of the chairlift. There is a lovely 2 km walk around the top and then the ride back down again. I wouldn't recommend walking down. Most people who did walk down were doing it sideways because it's so steep.

Photo of Patsy from the Nut Above photo was taken from the top of the Nut, with Patsy shown in the distance.

Photo of Robyn and Tenille on the Chair lift

We spent 3 days at Wynyard showgrounds at a CMCA rally with the Van Demons chapter - one of about 6 clubs in Tassie. There were about 50 motorhomes/campervans in attendance and the occupants gathered at 4 in the Industrial Pavilion for Happy Hour each day. It was quite an overwhelming experience and no doubt will not happen again (not our cup of tea).

Photo of CMCA Rally

It was also tulip Festival time and we were entertained by gopher racing down the main street, spectacular fireworks, local bands, not to mention the tulips.

Photo of the Gopher Race The photo shows 'The Stig' way out ahead of the field.

Photo of the Giraffe at the Tulip Festival
Not sure why there was a Giraffe at the Tulip Festival?

Photo of a field of red Tulips

Photo of a field of Tulips

Photo of a field of Pink and Yellow Tulips

As you may know, Glenda has been jogging irregularly to keep up her general fitness. She finally was able to put it to use and participated in the Burnie 10 "Australia's Premier 10 km Road Race".

Aside note from Glenda - I spotted the following advertising on a fence during a training run one day - a choice had to be made - to skate or run?

Photo of sports choices Run or Skate

On the morning of the race she was almost sick with nerves etc. I'm not sure why. Maybe because she had only run-walked 10 km once before and taken 1 hour 25 mins. It gives me great pleasure to announce that she achieved a PB time of 1 hr 14 mins in the race.

Photo of Glenda running in the Burnie 10 Above photo shows Glenda looking good just after the start of the race. (Red t-shirt with white sleeves, and big grin)

Photo of Glenda running to the finish line in the Burnie 10
Still looking good at the end! (Red t-shirt with white sleeves, and tragic face not shown)

There is still room for external improvements to the landscaping at the Sulpher Creek residence where Russell and Julie have kindly allowed us to park in their driveway. It's given us a chance to help with a bit of landscaping and other odd jobs around their home. I now have a new nickname 'Stump Muncher'.

Photo of Robyn removing the stump

The next project is the back deck and we will go back to help when they need us. We left them to it on Wednesday and went to Penguin to do a bit of stocking up etc. and ended up at the local surf club for the night. Travelled a whole 7 kms that day. To say that we have slowed down a bit would be a rather underwhelming statement.

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