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19/11/13 Tassie update from Glenda

After leaving Penguin, we travelled around the local area stumbling across a free camp at Upper Natone in the state forest. Unfortunately it rained for a couple of days and so we mostly sat around inside the motorhome, sneaking outside between showers (for a smoke or a jog depending on which one of us it was). By the time we got to Wings Wildlife Park the weather had improved and the sun shone daily. We loved this camping site which is in Gunns Plains. It cost about $18 per night with power. The wildlife enclosure was interesting, with many species of birds, monkeys and even a few snakes.

Following is a photo of one of the Tasmanian Devils sunbaking:

The Tasmanian Devil

There was a walk around the farm area which included Buffalos, Alpacas etc. even Ducks as shown in this photo:

The ducks in the pond at Wings Wildlife Park

There were a few old style circus caravans which were being converted into tourist cabins. The photo shows a couple not yet completely renovated.

The circus caravans at Wings Wildlife Park

We clowned around a bit, after encountering the reference to circuses:

Robyn being devoured by a Devil

Robyn being devoured by a Tasmanian Devil

When Russell let us know that the concrete fittings for the new deck had set and were ready for construction, we went back to Sulpher Creek and took up our special place in their driveway. Robyn set to work helping Russell construct his big deck, while I helped Julie transform her little hut.

Following is the garden hut before we started work on it:

Garden Shed before renovations

Following is a photo of Robyn proudly working on the deck in her Oneses:

Robyn in safety gear working on the deck

When nailing in the thousands of decking nails became too much, the deck workers took time out to sit on and drink on, that which they had proudly built so far:

Deck workers

Glenda and Julie were only too pleased to help the big deck workers out by holding the ladder. Smiles all around, apart from the one with the hammer!

Glenda and Julie helping Robyn

The next photo shows what a difference a day makes to an old garden shed:

Finished hut now a beach shack

Below shows the very proud deck workers after finishing the nailing and side wall construction.

Russell and Robyn happy with their work

but what is Robyn doing with that drill? (Anyone who has worked with Russell will understand).

Russell and Robyn with Drill

Once we were sure Russell and Julie could complete the final stages of the deck, (we weren't to know that Russell would twist his ankle the day after we left) we packed up and headed off again camping at a tiny town called Forth, before arriving in Sheffield. On the way to finding a camp site we travelled up a mountain and noticed a tractor coming the other way towards us. We then saw another tractor, then another. Eventually about 30 old historic tractors, including a steam run one, went past us.

Historic tractors pass us

Historic tractors pass us

We are now free camping in Sheffield, Tasmania. The weather has been warm and sunny reaching 21c yesterday. We've been for a wander around town, admiring the street murals and this morning went for a ride on the scooter to Gowrie Park just 15klm from here. It looks like a very nice spot to go to after Sheffield.

The view toward Mount Roland from our camp at Sheffield

Photo taken from our camp site at Sheffield looking toward Mount Roland.

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