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16/3/14 from Robyn - the Missing Bits

Well here are some of the things that the previous author may have missed.

Yes Jill and I made it to the Wineglass Bay Lookout and here is the photo.

Photo of Wineglass Bay

I couldn't understand why Glenda couldn't do it as she walked up 8 years before. They have created a new one way up and down system and the way up is scarier than it was before.

The next photo is very clear evidence of the misleading sign on the fish trailer at Triabunna that states "fresh from our boat"

Photo of Triabunna Fish Trailer

This is what you might call "a picture paints a thousand words" - Robyn and Jill having the time of their lives at Port Arthur.

Photo of Robyn and Jill walking the grounds at Port Arthur

The fantastic Airwalk that someone couldn't do.

Photo of Air Walk at Tahune Forest

Thought you should see this one of Glenda having brunch at the stop on the Ida Bay Railway. It was very scenic and yes that is a glass of wine in her hand.

Photo of Glenda having brunch

And finally a photo of Jill and Julie coming down from the Nut. We spent a few hours at sea off Stanley in Russell's boat catching flathead. Glenda didn't want to do that either so she got to stay home and do the washing. Good result all round.

Photo of Chairlift

The other news is that we have finally booked to go back on the Spirit on 20th May.

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