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7th March 2015 from Glenda

Since Christmas we have rented out the house in Bundaberg and been visiting folk in the area, along with some stays out in 'the wild'. Following is a photo taken at Boonah where we camped overnight and did the walk up the mountain (hill).

Photo of view from the mountain in Boonah

Following is a photo of Patsy with Mt Walsh in the background. This was another lovely overnight camp. Unfortunately it was too hot to do the walk to the top.

Photo of view from the mountain in Boonah

We spent the last couple of weeks volunteering at the Flying High Bird Sanctuary in Apple Tree Creek. The owners provide a camp site with water and power in return for a few hours work a day. Tasks included preparing the fruit and vegetables and subsequent feeding of the birds (over 2000), cleaning cages, general cleaning, gardening etc. We enjoyed the work but never succumbed to birdlovers disease.

Photo of Robyn feeding the birds

Robyn feeding the birds at the 'main table'. I think she looks a little nervous, perhaps thinking the cute little birds might bite her?

Lots of different birds - following is a photo of the Cassowary:

Photo of Cassowary

the Cassowary is a very rare bird from North Eastern Queensland. It has to be kept locked away as they can get a bit fiesty. This one had to be fed twice a day and consumed about 7kg of fruit and vegies every day. There were also a lot of the very colorful Macaws at the sanctuary:

Photo of Macaws

The other wildlife park in the Childers area is called Snakes Down Under. We saw and heard enough about snakes at the bird sanctuary so didn't visit the reptile park. The ones at the bird sanctuary were actually wild, freely roaming around the property including slithering around in one of the feed sheds that we had to walk through frequently. The snake we saw was an Eastern Brown snake, and while the backpacker from England was eagerly hoping for a good photo, we were cowering up the hill well out of its way.
On a brighter note, following is another photo of one of the Macaws:

Photo of naughty Macaws

Proir to arriving at the Bird Sanctaury we had survived the Earthquake which had been centered in Eidsvold.
While at the Bird Sanctuary, we also sat out the cyclone threat. Fortunately it had petered down to a tropical low by the time it reached the Childers area.
Following proves I really did actually work with the birds. I'm not normally known to go near animals let alone feed them and look after them.

Photo of Glenda cleaning out the cages

Following shows the lonely sheep that lives at the Bird Sanctuary. It's questionable who has the better hair cut?

Photo of Chairlift

Now we are taking a well earned rest at the beach in Maroochydore while we wait for a new door handle for the Winnebago. It has to be sent through from Sydney and then installed by the service guys here in Maroochydore. Thankfully it wasn't me who broke the door, but muscles Robyn who nearly ripped it out of its socket when coming inside.