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17th October 2015 from Glenda

FOUR years already! On 17 October 2011 we camped at The Broadwater in Queensland. This was to be our first night of camping as homeless wanderers, or should that be hapless wonders?

Today is the fourth anniversary of that first night. We remember laughing and laughing and laughing as we sat looking out the window of our new home.
We couldn't believe our luck at not having to go to work and now be on a permanent travelling holiday.

The following photo taken 17 October 2011 shows us camped at Broadwater, blocking the view of the man behind us. He wasn't laughing.

Photo of Patsy at the Broadwater

The following year on the 17 October 2012 we were in Coral Bay Western Australia. The photo shows a lovely kangaroo taking a look out over the Ocean which we spotted on a walk at Coral Bay :

Coral Bay kangaroo

By October 2013 we were in Tasmania. Robyn became known as the 'Stump Muncher' as she hacked and hacked at a stubborn stump in the lawn at Julie and Russells house in Sulphur Creek.

Robyn attacking a stump

October 2014 we're back in Queensland. The following photo shows Mum and Wendy on the wharf at Hervey Bay. We got up early to catch sunrise over the bay:

Wharf at Hervey Bay

Another photo of our activities around 17 october 2014 shows us enjoying a camp fire at Helen and Geoffs place Cordalba:

Camp fire Cordalba style

And now 2015 brings us to Victoria, enjoying some sunshine today at Rosedale in the Gippsland area:

Photo of Robyn at Rosedale

Ok, so it's a bit shady - we are in Victoria, it'll be sunny soon!

  • Burnie 10 Fun Run
  • The Pinnacles WA
  • Walk around Uluru NT
  • The Pebbles NT
  • Coral Bay WA
  • The Bungle Bungles
  • Maria Island TAS
  • Europe!
  • Great friends we have made
  • Willis Springs WA forest bike ride - the getting lost bit
  • Gardening at Yango Homestead
  • Painting picnic sheds and toilets - Berry SA
  • Bush clearing - The Block (Whroo)
  • Bookkeeping - Shepparton
  • Flying High Bird Sanctuary
Favourite State - TASMANIA
  • attitude toward 'free campers'
  • countryside
  • weather!
  • BUT Victoria does have coffee scrolls (haven't found them in any other state)

Some things we've been up to lately: we stayed at Bethungra Dam and Reserve for a few nights. Lovely spot, if only we hadn't disposed of the inflatable boat.

Photo of Bethungra Dam

Passed numerous Canola or Rapeseed fields while travelling down through southern NSW to Victoria.

Photo of Canola Fields

Bethungra Dam again:

Photo of Canola Fields

Stopped at Daysdale Recreation Reserve one night and thought about doing some weeding there, but realised it might be a while before the kids come back to play - maybe next footy season:

Photo playground overrun with weeds

Drive into Lake Eildon National Park but didn't stay too long as it was a very hot day with some wind. The fire danger threat was high. The Lake is still recovering from drought.

Photo of Lake Eildon

We stayed at the Caravan Park in Eildon as we felt safer given the fire threat and hoping to do some washing and cleaning of the motorhome. Unfortunately the day after we arrived the van park suffered a burst water main. No water for toilets, showers let alone vehicle washing. A little ironic being at a Dam with no access to water. It was extremely peaceful and enjoyable despite this.

Photo of Eildon dam

We met up with Verna and Red at Poplars Reserve Noojee and had a lot of fun around the campfire, especially running in from the rain each night.

Photo of camp site near Noojee

Now we are in Rosedale and have walked into town to see if they have nice coffee scrolls. Sadly, their scrolls are more like fruit buns as they had no identifiable coffee in them. The search continues for a better coffee scroll than the Murchison ones. Rosedale is famous for another historical record though. Patrobas won the 1915 Melbourne Cup ridden by Bobby Lewis. The owner was the first female owner of a Melbourne Cup winner. A monument of Patrobas and jockey is shown in the photo (along with Robyn):

Photo of camp site near Noojee

I've been playing around with a Crossword making program - click below to see our very own Grey Nomad specific crossword.
  • Crossword for October with a grey nomad theme