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18th November 2015 from Glenda

We have been in the Gippsland area for a while now. A little longer than expected but more on that later.

The following photo is of Burned Bridge Reserve where we stayed one night.

Photo of Burned Bridge Reserve

We found a delightful little town called Heyfield where they allow free camping at a local sports field. The food and wine festival was on the day we arrived so we had to experience the offerings. Very glad we did. It was lovely. Stayed a few days in town. Everyone was very friendly and happy there.
Then we stayed at the Maffra Golf Club where they have set up a little Caravan Park of sorts ($20 per night):

Maffra Golf Club Camp Ground

It was raining fairly heavily otherwise we would have tried playing a game while there. The rain didn't stop the locals going out though.

We enjoyed the views from the lookout at Lakes Entrance, but the town itself was extremely touristy. It had hundreds of caravan parks, and mini golf options. Therefore we chose to drive on after the photo shoots:

Photo of us at Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is on Ninety Mile Beach, but separated from the ocean by the river, so we had to find a way to get to the beach to get the following photo.

Photo of Ninety Mile Beach at Lakes Entrance

Getting to the beach meant either walking across the footbridge or driving out of town. We chose the drive because we thought the wind would have blown us off the bridge and into the waterways below.
We travelled onto Orbost which was another pretty little town although no free camping options. The Caravan Park offered a stay 7 days pay for 6 deal which worked out very cost effective at around $21 per night. I felt a need to settle down for a while so we paid the man and selected a new backyard for the week.
We enjoyed nice walks into town, along the Snowy River, through the rainforest and also the scented garden. On the rainy days we read or did puzzles.
Slowly we worked our way back to Sale where we spent a week waiting for new tyres to come. When we first got to Sale I found out there was social table tennis on and decided to go to it. When we stopped to go in, Robyn noticed one of our tyres had began to 'crack up'. We changed it over with the spare. Because we thought we would be getting the new tyres straight away, we didn't go to the trouble of putting the spare back under the van where it normally is. We kept it in the house and this meant dragging it out each time we stopped. The photo shows the inconvenience of having a tyre in your kitchen:

Photo of tyre in the motorhome

The tyres had to be delivered from Sydney (we bit the bullet and elected to get all tyres replaced). While waiting we stayed at the Caravan Park and also went down to Golden Beach for a few days. the photo shows Golden Beach and in the distance the BHP Gas Rig. Strangely, the next day we couldn't see the Gas rig. It seems to have just disappeared. Must be an optical illusion involving the horizon or maybe they are movable?

Photo of Golden Beach with the Gas Rig

Following is a photo of the old railway gates and building in Sale, which has been kept while the track was long gone and a supermarket car park put in its place:

Photo of the old Sale Railway

We walked a little bit at the Sale Wetlands - they have a very extensive boardwalk through the wetlands:

Photo of Sale Wetlands

Eventually the tyres arrived and we left Sale, stopping again at Golden Beach. We are now camped in Port Albert with a nice view over the waterways:

Photo of Port Albert

I have been playing with the crossword maker again, this time there is a Gippsland theme - many words are towns in the area.

  • Crossword for November with a Gippsland theme