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12th December 2015 from Glenda

Since our last blog which was posted when we were at Port Albert Victoria we have travelled out of Gippsland and along the coast line staying at a few different spots.
- Foster for a couple of days. This was a good place to stay and then visit Wilsons Promontory National Park. It is possible to camp within the Park at Tidal River but the cost for a site was $54 or $64 with power FOR ONE NIGHT (no water). We figure they charge so much to discourage people from staying too long, otherwise it seems incomprehensible to us that National Parks can charge this amount. Nonetheless, there are a lot of great looking walks and beaches to explore but we saw what we could in the one day, and drove back to Foster where the camp site was only $30 with power and water.

Photo Wilsons Promontary 22-11-2015

Photo of The Beach at the Prom

Photo of another of the lovely beaches at the Promontory 22-11-2015

Photo of Prom Rocks

After Foster we camped at Meeniyan Recreation Reserve for no cost.

Wonthaggi woos the campers?

We drove onto Wonthaggi with a quick stopover at the Wetlands 24/11/2015. Somewhere between all this, we drove around Phillip Island and took a few photos:

Photo - Phillip Island and Robyn

Photo of Robyn at Phillip Island

Photo - Phillip Island - The Nobbies

Photo of the Nobbies at Phillip Island

Table Tennis injury - bans called for

I wanted to join in the Keenagers (over 50's) table tennis on the Thursday morning and on Wednesday night, it was very hot and windy and threatening either a major storm, or grass fire, and so we parked at the Leongatha Table Tennis Centre instead of driving out of town to the official free camp area. Unfortunately I overexcelled myself and forgot I was not as fit as previously. Reaching for some shots that should have been left, seemed to have done something to my back. By the time I got back to the motorhome, I could hardly walk and had to lie down. we moved 1 km to the Caravan Park where I ended up lying down for 4 nights! No more table tennis for me (until I recover fully).
After I was fit enough to drive around we went out to the Desalination Plant which has been especially designed to improve the environment where it has been built on old farm land.
Photo of Desalination Plant - admin building in foreground - with grass roof

Photo of Desalination Plant

We visited the Victorian State Coal Mine and enjoyed the underground tour. Photo of the tracks in the tunnels at the State Coal Mine at Wonthaggi:

Photo of State Coal Mine - underground

Photo of the grounds of the State Coal Mine:

Photo of the old Sale Railway

Little Ladies rampage through Kilcunda

My sisters Wendy and Pauline drove from Geelong and travelled with us for a few days. We explored the beaches, Wilsons Prom again, and Phillip Island. Photo - Clowns at a Beach somewhere:

Photo of Wendy and Pauline at beach

We had a great final night together, having been dissappointed by the accommodation options at Wonthaggi, we headed toward San Remo and slammed on the brakes when we hit Kilcunda. The Caravan Park there is right on the beach. We booked one of the newish cabins and enjoyed relative luxury for the night.

Kilcunda luxury - view from cabin:

Photo of Cliffs

Kilcunda joy:

Photo of Cliffs

Rock climbing Tourists ignore warning signs and risk their lives at Eagles Nest

On the way to Phillip Island we were amazed to see tourists climbing out on the rocks at Eagles Nest. Having seen all the warning signs about fishermen being washed off rocks within a minute, it was hard to believe people still do these things for fun.

Photo of boys on rocks by the ocean

Wendy driving on the beach - we followed a road that looked interesting, it came to an end, the sand started, Wendy revved up the car, and away she went.

Wendy driving on the beach

Kilcunda later that night - it got cold

Three girls snug as a bug in a rug

Cape Patterson view over the rock pools, where Glenda, Pauline and Wendy scramble over 'not so scary' rocks

Photo of view over Cape Patterson

Sunset at Kilcunda - finish of our fun times with my sisters (for the time being). They packed up the now sand filled car, and headed back to Geelong.

Sunset from Kilcunda beachside unit

A few days later (after free camping at Bass Valley for rest and recouperation) we took the vehicular ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff. We were just about to make a decision on which way to head next, when my sisters Pauline, Wendy and Mother, and brother-in-law Kelvin arrived to meet us. They had hoped to surprise us as we drove off the ferry but were about five minutes too late. It was still a great surprise and we had a picnic in the park, then headed off to Geelong to stay at Pauline and Kelvins place, prior to coming here to Smythesdale.

Deciding where next

Kissing Awnings at Smythesdale

Camping at Smythesdale with Wendy and Paul. We had a great time meeting up with our friends, Wendy and Paul who have just picked up their new Safari Caravan. It is one of the nicest vans we have seen. We now have Van envy, but it's OK because we have a Baby Weber Q with a thermostat. Wendy and Paul have a Baby Q but with no thermostat. Their thermostat envy far outweighs our new van envy.
In this photo Paul is especially dressed to disturb Wendy by combining hoodie, ugg boots and sunnies.(Wendy is not impressed) And didn't we say we would never do the 'kissing awnings' manouver?

Photo of our camp with awnings together

We had a lot of laughs and thank Wendy and Paul for allowing us to be the first to see their new van, also to take us to Ballarat for the tourist trip, and also for allowing us to steal their gas bottle when we ran out, and for Wendy cooking us two delicious meals.

Ballarat Gardens - Robyn skipping down the pathway:

Photo of Robyn in the Gardens

Where have we been over the years?