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23rd February 2016 (Glenda)

It's been a long time since the last blog entry. Not sure where we left off. too hot (must be 42 degrees out there today) to go back and check. Let the photos do the talking this time.
Great Ocean Road from Warrnambool- we decided to go inland at Port Campbell due to the fog making any viewing less than ideal. This was before Christmas.

Photo showing part of the twelve apostles. The heavy fog was very unusual and lasted most of the day.

Photo of The 12 Apostles covered in fog

Photo of the London Bridge:

Photo of London Bridge in Fog

Green Hill Lake - Ararat. Somehow we ended up in Ararat and free camped out at Green Hill Lake. The lake is totally dry now, as the region has been in drought for a couple of years.

No diving into this water, the boat ramp is on the left and the No Swimming sign on the walkway to the right:

Photo of Green Hill Lake - dry

View across the lake toward a distant hill:

Photo of Green Hill Lake - dry

An internet search revealed what the lake looked like (taken from a similar vantage point) when it had water a few years ago:

Photo of Green Hill Lake - with water

Back to Geelong - the city of surprises

We had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends, staying at my sisters place in Belmont. Geelong had the best floating Christmas tree in Australia, it had Festivals, sports events, a mayor with funny hair, Jet flyovers, Appliances online hotair balloon flyovers just for my mother, who is very happy with her bench top dishwasher, thanks Appliances Online.
The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race was on while we were there. Thanks to Kelvin we got to see it from a number of different vantage points. We had our own moment of glory when caught on news camera footage!
Following is one of the photos I managed as the Womens race wizzed past on the first day.

Photo of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race - Womens event

Men are getting equal time in this sports report. Photo of the men wizzing past on day 2.

Photo of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race - Mens event

But, back to pictures telling a thousand stories, shortly.... Which way are we facing? We've both lost our sense of direction. It is important for a number of reasons:
1. Parking the motorhome in a way which maximises sun exposure to the solar panel on the roof.
2. Knowing where the shade will be when the awning is out.
3. Feeling that we haven't lost control.
We have travelled from Geelong in a Westerly direction and a bit north (we got the compass out to confirm this). The weather has been like in Tasmania, one day perfect for indoor activities, the next 4-5 days perfect for outdoor activities.
BUT in Tasmania we wanted heating in the motorhome, here in the Wimmera, we want AIR CONDITIONING.
We have become a bit soft.

Inverleigh - Leigh River Camp

Photo of something? No

Derrinallum Recreation Reserve

Photo of something? No

Hamilton - heart of the Western District and sheep country. Not much to say here.

The Wimmera Region

It's a bit dry around here with yellow fields of straw. Hay has been cut and stacked.

Photo of fields in the Wimmera area

Cavendish Recreation Reserve Photo - of something: No

Lake Ratzcastle Photo of the motorhome parked with the dry Lake Raztcastle in the background:

Photo Motorhome with the dry lake in the background

The dry lake was just like a football field, the grass was growing nicely and the oval shape would be perfect for Aussie Rules. Lake Ratzcastle was a great free camp with some water and a free solar heated shower. It was extremely peaceful with only a couple of other campers coming in for an overnight stopover.

We drove up through the Little Desert and stopped to do the Stringybark Walk which was an easy thirty minute walk with information points along the way. Photo of Robyn on the track all smiles because it hadn't become extremely hot yet.

Photo Robyn enjoying the Little Desert walk

We camped at the Nhill Aerodrome RV free camp and visited the Aviation Museum while there. It had been a pilot training ground in WWII for nearly 10,000 service people between 1941-45. Photo of the camp site:

Photo our camp site at Nhill Aerodrome

There was a lot of broken glass in the camping area and so we spent a bit of time cleaning some of it up. In between times we watched a few small planes coming and going. All of the buildings had been demolished after the war, leaving behind left over building materials including the glass. We even found a few bullet shells dating back to 1941 while looking around.

Pink Lake Photo Robyn walking out onto the Pink Lake which is near Dimboola:

Photo of Pink Lake

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