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We are now in Lockington Victoria:

15-5-2016 A few photos (Glenda)

The last couple of blogs gave nothing. So here are a few photos just incase you missed the interaction with color:

We're a bit conscious of height restrictions and was surprised to see this truck which was loaded high with water tanks, pull into the servo in Coober Pedy. Note, it was only about one inch from the BP awning.

Photo of a truck loaded high with water tanks

While in Coober Pedy we took a long walk, a very long walk, accidently, then there were dogs - a pack chasing us. This photo is a typical view looking away from Coober Pedy:

Photo of the view across Coober Pedy

The poles are chimneys rising out from the underground houses. We managed to escape the dogs unharmed.
We also had the chance to take an underground Mine tour (photo bombed by guy in green shirt!):

Photo underground

Robyn not that keen but looks like Jill found something?

Photo of Robyn and Jill in underground  mine

Robyn digging for opals while hanging on the man hoist thingy.

Photo of Robyn digging

Following is a photo of one of the Underground Church entrys:

Photo of the entry to the underground Church

Photo of inside the Underground Church:

Photo of inside the underground Church

Having left Coober Pedy it is now 15-4-2016 and we were camped at Genoa.

This is a photo of Robyn having a severe talking to someone:

Photo Robyn with serious word to say look

It's a hen!

Photo Robyn with serious word to say look

It's a heap of hens!

Photo Robyn with serious word to say look

Lake Hart

This is a salt lake and I wanted to see if I could get a nice photo at sunset or sunrise. This was a bit of a failure but have a look at the cloud formation of a lovely bird shape. The hens are haunting Robyn.

Photo of cloud over Lake Hart


We walked the Historic Walk around Castlemaine, and were impressed by this towns historic buildings and friendliness of the locals. The photo is taken from the view from the Old Jail which is perched on one of the hills:

Photo of Castlemaine

That's it so far - we are now in Lockington - watching Eurovision.

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