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We are now in Moorook South Australia:

This is a beautiful little town right on the Murray River

Following are a few photos to remind us of where we have been over the last few weeks:


- we went for a walk looking for Woop Woop (one for Lorelle and Bruce).

Photo of Robyn wondering where are the apples

Walked for miles in search of the Woop Woop sculpture garden and gallery in Harcourt only to find the road was closed and presumably the garden also closed.

Photo of end of our walk - Road Closed sign

Barmah Lake

where we stayed a few days and were able to have a camp fire.

Photo of camp site at Barmah Lake


- where we met our double, well Patsy did anyway.

Photo of camp site Leitchville

We saw a few interesting sights on our walk around Leitchville: How to move a shed - one for Kelvin and Trevor - apparently you're not the first to try it.
This shed was a bit more damaged though!

Photo of a shed on a trailer

Lake Reedy near Kerang

- the official camping area was too muddy and boggy to go onto, so we had to stay on the bitumen turning circle area.

Photo of camp site at Lake Reedy

Fortunately no duck shooters around to ask us to leave.

This is a photo of signage at Lake Reedy.

No duck shooting allowed here so we're safe.

Photo of No Duck Shooting Sign

Why it is called Lake Reedy:.

Photo showing the reeds in the lake

Swan Hill

We went on a nice stroll along the river - just to prove it:

Photo of walk sign

Robyn was on the walk:.

Photo of Robyn on Murray River walk

We found a great camp spot at the even greater sounding name of


Photo of Manangatang camp site and railway

Then we found another great camp spot at Merbein on the Murray River near Mildura:

Photo of Merbein campsite

It was a chance to catch up on some clothes washing.


In Mildura we had a stroll around Lock 11 and the island to the dam, returning to the Lock in time to see a steam boat go through the lock.

Photo of the Mildura Dam

Red River Gum walk

Photo of Robyn on boardwalk

Lake Cullulleraine

Photo of Cullulleraine Lake sunset

Werrimull Church

Photo of Werrimull Church

Meningur town - Millewa Pioneer Park

The pioneer or 'heritage' park at Meningur was great. It has been set up and maintained by volunteers and is a large area containing numerous buildings and historical artifacts.

Photo of Millewa Pioneer Park camp with rainbow

Trike in garden of olden days cottage:

Photo of trike in garden of olden cottage

Old style copper or 'boiler' for washing clothes, which really isn't that different to our bucket method (see earlier photo).

Photo of old washer or copper boiler

Now this is a camp fire setting:

Photo of camp fire setting

One of the many cottages on display:

Photo of cottage


We loved Renmark. I took a risk and tried playing table tennis again. They have a good club in Renmark, and we were even able to camp in the sportsground so it was easy to get to at night (being around 4 degrees at night, I didn't feel like riding the scooter). Fortunately my back survived, after having damaged it when I was over-eager in playing table tennis in Sale before Christmas.
Following is a photo of one of the views over the Murray river at Renmark.

Photo of Renmark - Murray River

The area surrounding Renmark is grapevine and orchid country. The grapevines are currently in the 'cutting back stage'.

Photo of Renmark fields - grape vines

Renmark has a Lookout Tower. Unfortunately the tower was a little underwhelming. Even though I never went up to the top I could tell it wouldn't give a very good view...It was also very flimsy looking, and sort of out in the middle of nowhere...

Photo of Renmark viewing tower


was our next campsite, but not really worth a photo - it was raining afterall and we couldn't do much but sit inside and twiddle our thumbs.
Given that the weather has been a bit wet and cloudy we thought we better find a cheap place to camp and power up. We have found a charming little town beside the Murray River with power (although no drinking water or amenities) for a cheaper rate than most caravan parks charge. Enjoying the view over the river and the weather has improved enough for us to go for a little walk yesterday. Problem was the blocks are VERY big out here - we must have walked about 10klm unintentionally!
I'm hoping to talk Robyn into staying here another few days, we'll see how we go then.

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