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Brighton (Adelaide) - On the way to Fleurieu Peninsula

We've been here a couple of days now.

Following are bits and bobs from our travels over the last few weeks:

Innes National Park

- we loved it but the weather sent us packing. Only spent a night before the predicted storm came through. We were long gone thankfully.

Robyn with rocks and waves behind

The above photo is another example of people walking on rocks when there is a chance of a freak wave coming over and wiping them into the ocean. These people even had little babies and youngsters. Goodness I am getting old and judgemental, but too many people do get washed off rocks!
Lovely views over the islands:

Photo of view over three islands

More nice views at Innes National Park:

Photo of cliff faces

Stenhouse Bay jetty:

Photo of Jetty

We went for a lovely walk over the Innes dunes at Pandalowie Bay.

Photo of dunes and flora

Sunrise with a fishing hut in the foreground. There is a very small fishing village in the National Park.

Photo of sunrise

Following the Gulf St Vincent coast, we took a look at Edithburg, a small holiday town with a nice Tidal Swimming pool:

Photo of Edithburg pool


Enjoyed a couple of nights at the Ardrossan free RV camp. We have had a few rainy days, and very windy days, fortunately missing the extremely severe storms.

Photo of red cliffs


There is an old copper mine with heritage listed ruins, and a very deep old mine which is now filled with water. Following is a photo of the old Boiler House:

Photo of historic boiler house Kadina

Salvos SA Style

Photo just for Mum - lovely South Australian buildings including this one housing the Salvation Army:

Photo of Salvation Army Hall

Kadina town hall:

Photo of Kadina town hall

Robyn noticed an interesting statue

Photo of statue

details - close up of the statue plaque:

Photo of the plaque

We are not sure if this was intended as an insult or it was just the way they spoke 'back in the day'. The 'slight recognition' terminology has us stumped.

Port Germein

We spent a couple of weeks with friends in Port Germein, having fun, helping them move house, including some painting and gardening stuff.


A very busy hub - for a country town, but it does get cold - ice in the mornings:

Photo of ice at Jamestown

We had a bit of fun going to an Anthony Lomond production featuring Anne Wills and Peter Goers at the Jamestown Commercial Hotel - Dinner and a Show (woo woo). All three are very funny personalities.


- south of Adelaide and just south of Glenelg. Photo looking over the caravan park and toward Glenelg in the distance.

Photo of Brighton

Big day out by train to Adelaide city

First stop, a cafe for a real coffee:

Photo of Robyn in a cafe

Adelaide is a pretty city, with many 'olderer' buildings and also more current ones.

Photo of Adelaide buildings

Following is a photo of a little tree in front of a skinny tall building - doesn't really work as a photo layout but...

Photo of Adelaide buildings

This photo with Robyn helping the layout is better. (but someone forgot to frame the buildings)

Photo of Robyn in Adelaide

Photo of Adelaide street

At one stage, I thought a little chocolate would be nice, so walked into Haigh's shop and asked for just the one little chocolate. I think I thought it might cost about 80 cents. Got a surprise to find it cost $2.65!

Photo of Small Chocolate

Photo of Small Chocolate

It was tasty though.
Robyn became a little sentimental outside the University of Adelaide, or is that look, 'I'm sick of this noisy city'?

Photo of Robyn at Uni SA

Rundall Mall has artistic balls. (Just checking to see if anyone is reading this)

Photo of Rundall Mall

Tomorrow we leave the Adelaide area and head down to the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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