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28/7/2017 Shepparton Victoria

After spending a lot of time in Albury helping Glenda's sister get her house ready for sale, we decided we would like to try a project ourselves. Comes from watching too many Flip or Flop shows on TV.
The search was on for an affordable home which needed a little bit of renovation work to make it a good 'flipper'.
It took a long time to find something in our price bracket. This also meant having to accept a big risk in taking on a house that needed restumping along with complete renew of kitchen and bathroom. The house is in Shepparton with the added advantage of being close to the help of Glenda's brother and sister in law.
Following are photos giving the general idea of the house we bought:

Photo of House front prior to restumping

Following photo is the front after we have removed the concrete slab and verandah poles, and the jacks have been placed ready for restumping:

We had to wait four months before the restumping could be done - only two companies in the Shepparton area and they were both booked out well in advance.

Photo of House front after slab removal

The kitchen very keenly waiting on an update:

Photo of Kitchen

Following photo: Lounge prior to any work:

Photo of Lounge room

The house has had nothing done to it since it was built in the early 1950s, apart from some carpet thrown over the top of vinyl in some of the rooms. Following photo: Bathroom hand basin prior to any work - pretty green:

Photo of Bathroom

It's a very small bathroom with the shower over the bath:

Photo of Bathroom

Following photo: Hallway prior to any work - beautiful carpets and wallpaper, pity they have to go:

Photo of Hallway

Following photo: Shed prior to any work:

Photo of Shed

Seeing that we had a lot of time to fill in waiting for the re-stumping, we did a lot of work on the shed, fixing some patchy trim on the inside, painting inside and out, and repairing the rusted out guttering. Thanks to Glenda's brother Trevor, for doing all the work on the flashings and guttering etc.
Meanwhile, Trevor and Denise sold their house in anticipation of moving into their yet to be built new house. We quickly changed plans and went straight into scrubbing mode to get the house ready for them to move into while they waited. Thankfully for us, our friends Paul and Wendy came for a visit and helped enormously with this job. After ripping up all the carpets and lino, we scrubbed walls, ceilings and inside cupboards.
Once this was done, it was back to painting the shed:

Following photo: Shed inside after work done and Trevors benches and most importantly beer fridge in place:

Photo of inside of shed

Following photo: Outside view of the shed after renovation :

Photo of outside of shed after renovation

The restumping commenced a few weeks ago. They dig the holes using a large water pressure hose run by a VERY noisy machine which is shown in the following photo:

The wood leaning against the shed wall is the old stumps waiting to be burnt in the fire pit.

Photo of Hole digger

Following photo: Water tank Side of house prior to any work:

Photo of Water tank

Due to too much time on our hands we had to think up other things to do. Glenda cut the leaky old water tank in two, and created a wicking garden (self watering). Then built a regular garden bed, both shown in the photo:

Photo of Garden

Following photo: Plumbing Problem exposed with the restumping:

Photo of Plumbing Problem

Following photo: Plumbing Problem fixed with new piping:

Photo of Plumbing Problem

We have been very impressed by the restumping work. It was amazing to see the guys crawling under the house and spend hours at a time in the confined space as they prepared the jacks, removed the old stumps and dug the holes for the new concrete stumps. They would emerge covered in mud from head to toe but still be joking and smiling each day.
In about a week, we can start the 'real' work - repairing weatherboards (replacing some) and painting the outside of the house.

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