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16/5/2019 Shepparton

The renovation project in Shepparton was a great experience although challenging at times. After all the hard work we decided to sell the house rather than renting it out while we continued our travelling. Renting it out would have meant having to tidy it up again after tenants, so selling was the better option, although a bit sad.

The results of the renovation are shown in the following photos: hover mouse over photo to see the 'before' photo.







We have had a lot of help from lots of my family and friends, for which we are forever grateful.

We needed a holiday after all the work and while travelling back North realised we would need to escape the heat in Australia. After two years in Victoria we couldn't handle the humidity of Queensland and decided to find a holiday destination with better weather. New Zealand was the answer! Stay tuned for updates on our trip as 'backpackers' to The Long White Cloud.

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